Public Fund of promoting Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Esthetics NEVSKIE BEREGA

Public Fund of promoting Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Esthetics NEVSKIE BEREGA was founded in 1996 by initiative group of leading cosmetologists and stylists from Northern Capital of Russia. In 2001 Dmitry Ershov, the owner of beauty salons chain in St Petersburg, has become the President of the Fund.

The Fund was established as the organizing committee of the Independent Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA that has united the International Exhibition of Hair and beauty products, Cosmetics, Perfumery and Beauty Equipment and the Championship on Hairdressing, Nail-Design and Make-Up on the same area. At present the Event is held twice a year on February and September in Peterburgsky Sport and Concert Complex, St Petersburg, Russia.

The brightness and picturesqueness of the event provide good background for Russian and international contacts and professional experience exchange. The Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA every year approves its strongest positions in development of professional competitive movement. More than 350 participating companies and 2017 contestants of the Olympic Competitions on Hairdressing, Nail-Design and Make-Up.

Lately successful activity of the Fund has been highly estimated by the Russian companies of the industry of beauty as well as by numerous foreign organizations. Ten years of success of the Beauty Expo NEVSKIE BEREGA in the Russian second largest city is a serious application for the right to be the best.
International Beauty Exhibition held within the Beauty Expo expands its areas and activities. Nowadays it is one of the largest exhibitions in Russia. It combines expositions of new products and technologies of every area of the Beauty Industry and Business Program that is growing in strength. The statistics indicators of the exhibition attendance show strong growth as well.

The particular attention to the NEVSKIE BEREGA Beauty Expo has been lately driven by the development of its cosmetology sector. Diversity of events for estheticians, podologists and cosmeticians allows each beauty professional to get necessary knowledge of the innovations in the specialization field, to conclude cooperation agreements, to purchase tools and equipment of ones choice.

The opportunity to take part in the competitions on Spa Massage, Pedicure and Cosmetology as well as to watch these competitions increases the interest of experts to the Beauty Expo even more.

The foreign partners also note the importance of our Beauty Expo. The modern market dictates the rules. NEVSKIE BEREGA Beauty Expo keeps up to date and we are ready to promote your business development. In the bright bouquet of success of our Beauty Expo each flower is special and we appreciate each company that adds color to the general composition.